In the course of our Christmas shopping outings, my brother decided to buy the latest issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray. After thumbing through the entire thing, he picked out this recipe, Peanutty Linzer Cookies, to be added to this year’s Christmas cookie roundup.

The first step in the recipe is to grind up some peanuts very finely using a food processor, and then pulse them together with the flour. Add this to the butter, sugar etc and you end up with a crumbly peanut shortbread dough. It’s rolled out, cut to create both cookie tops (with the shape cutout) and bottoms, and then baked to a light golden brown. My mom actually bought a linzer cookie cutter kit, so we had multiple shape options for the centers of our cookies.

Once out of the oven, the bottoms get seedless raspberry jam and the tops get a light dusting of powdered sugar before being sandwiched together.

Though the process was labor-intensive and a bit messy, I think these turned out to be some of the most beautiful Christmas cookies I’ve ever made. Not to mention delicious - the peanutty cookie has a buttery, slightly crumbly texture that melts in your mouth, and with the raspberry jam it reminds you of a grown-up PB&J cookie! Thanks Ms. Ray :)

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